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Solo Exhibition at Plus X Brighton

6th June - 17th July 2022

Plus X Brighton
Lewes Road




Monday - Friday

9am - 5pm
(or view through their windows whenever you like)

The ‘Ice Cream Artworks’ series are hand-drawn digital images inspired by early-20th century illustrations. It is Yvonne J Foster's first solo show and premiers previously unseen artworks.

The exhibition starts with ‘Cinema Stars’, a collection of eight bright coloured images, based on real snapshots of celebrities from the 1930s and 1940s eating ice cream. 


The ‘Invisibles’ series continues to strip away, leaving only specific details with a circle motif and bright colours. Created from eight photographs of people eating ice cream and a lollipop.


In the ‘Brighton Folk’ series, the eight images become more detailed and use greyscale instead of skin tone, with muted colour backgrounds.  


The ‘Barely There’ series takes away skin tone, stripping back the images into their greyscale background. A set of eight images.


If you are interested in having an ice cream portrait of yourself, or someone you know, get in touch. Your beaming face could be the next addition to the ‘Brighton Folk’ or ‘Invisibles’ series. 


The 'Cinema Stars' and 'Barely There' series are available to buy as limited edition Giclée prints on 300gsm fine art paper.