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The Pianola Roll

During the winter of 2019 I experienced a period where I wasn't able to sleep. I filled the time by crosshatching on an old pianola roll.

Working on a section at a time, I only ever saw what would fit on my table. As the work progressed I realised there was much more paper than I had thought. It took many many hours to complete and is my largest piece of work to date. It has the same level of detail as my

Miniature Artworks but in comparison the size is enormous. 


I initially tried to measure it by unravelling it from the top the stairs at The Regency Town House in Hove - four flights up and it was still too long. Instead I measured in sections.


The Pianola Roll is 691 inches or 57.58333 feet long, which is 17.5514 metres or around the height of three giraffes.

Exhibited as part of the 3am Project online exhibition in 2022 Online Exhibition responding to the ideas of sleepless nights and nocturnal offerings. 'The Pianola Roll' was one of just fifteen works awarded as a highly commended. 

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