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The Alchemist

​The Alchemist became a character in Otillie Hainsworth's Graphic Novels Real Life Stories group in 2020.  


"Grimy Heights began under lockdown on Zoom. It was inspired by the idea of Warren and Gary Pleece’s graphic novel ‘Montague Terrace’ about a dilapidated ‘30s building haunted by the stories of its occupants, including a talking rabbit, and an exiled former pop crooner. Aiming for a noire-ish look, we - the Graphic Novels Real Life Stories group - worked mainly in shadowy black and white. We borrowed the concept of placing various people in a block of flats, and seeing what happened. The block was originally Grimme Heights but defaced by a gang of imaginary vandals it soon became Grimy, which suited the down at heel, slightly mouldering vibe being channeled through our characters."  ​

The Alchemist

Tread the stairs to the basement and

you will travel back five hundred years. 

Here you may glimpse a sign of

the mysterious Alchemist.

His attempts of the transmutation of lead into gold have failed. Now he wanders in shadows stealing the memories

you have lost or left behind.

Extracting sparks of vitality contained within each one, he perfects an elixir of life.

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