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Research at The Wellcome Collection

Yvonne J Foster was one of three artists chosen to take part in the Step Up: Interpreting Collections training programme delivered in partnership with Outside In and The Wellcome Collection.

"I feel like I’m on an adventure, following a lead or a clue and see where it takes me. I'm finding out as much as I can about the people behind the object. Who made it? Who used it? Where were they? What were they doing?"

"Objects within the Wellcome Collection have stories outside their original use. They have been handled, examined, researched, and numbered in an effort to comprehensively organise and categorise the collection. The idea of looking at objects and following a path to find out their journey is so appealing." 

"An area of work I am currently exploring is to do with just that; stories behind collected objects and their corresponding numbers, labels and cataloging. So being given the chance to research at the Wellcome Collection is extremely exciting."

View a short film of the artwork Yvonne created to present her research findings.    

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