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Cinema Stars

Inspired by the illustrative style of the early 20th Century, 1930s and the golden age of cinema, the Ice Cream Artworks use a mix of greyscale and vivid colour. Based on snapshots of the past, they portray moments of childlike pleasure. 

The Ice Cream Artworks series starts with ‘Cinema Stars’, bright coloured images based on real snapshots of celebrities from the 1930s and 1940s eating ice cream. 

Limited Edition Prints:

30cm x 30cm  -  £100 unframed, limited edition of 10. 

60cm x 60cm  -  £250 unframed, limited edition of 10.

Special Limited Edition of 'Bette on Grey' 110cm x 110cm  -  £650 unframed, limited edition of 5.

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