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       artist - researcher - storyteller

Yvonne is a Brighton based artist best known for her brightly coloured Ice Cream Artworks and hand-made Miniature Artworks. Alongside this work she uses art to express the unique way her brain processes information and creates visual stories. 

Over the past 10 years Yvonne has worked in the Arts, Health and Wellbeing sector and is a Trustee for the charity Creative Future

Following a successful application for the Arts Council fund 'Develop Your Creative Practice', Yvonne is planning a year long period of research. 

"I aim to make a major change in my practice and the way I work by combining art and historical research. I am interested in the nature of museum cataloguing and the everyday objects in museum collections; the stores of artefacts themselves and their journey and shitting context over time. I plan to develop new connections, collaborations and different ways in which my work can be experienced by new audiences."

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