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Yvonne J Foster is a Brighton based artist best known for her brightly coloured Ice Cream Artworks and hand-made Miniature Artworks. Alongside this work she uses art to express the unique way her brain processes information and creates visual stories using cross hatching and graphic images.  

"I'm constantly searching for different ways to explain how I respond to the world. I play the visual storyteller, creating detailed worlds of escapism and possibility. I have Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; when I cannot control my emotional and sensory responses I use my curiosity and creative exploration to find some kind of freedom." 

When not creating art, Yvonne uses her lived experience to help support local organisations delivering Arts for Health and Wellbeing programmes for under supported artists facing barriers due to disability, mental health, long term illness, and social circumstance. 

Yvonne J Foster is:

a member of the board of trustees with Creative Future;

an artist and consultant for Make Your Mark the arts and health programme for Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust;

an artist and ambassador with Outside In;

a member of the steering group for the Culture Health and Wellbeing Alliance, South East;

a member of The Brighton & Hove Arts & Health Network;

a member of the Brighton Artists Network.

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