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My Miniature Art Gallery

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Art Packs for Lockdown

For the love of sharing and to keep connected, I've created a limited number of free art packs - My Miniature Art Gallery.

Tiny art kits that you can use at home to create your own miniature masterpieces and gallery exhibition.


Here's a little of what you've been creating. Scroll down to see a prize winning video of a rather destructive gallery visitor! Search social media to find more tiny artworks #MyMiniatureArtGallery or visit my Instagram page. 

Would you like to join in? There are a few free packs left, if you would like one please send your postal address - Post Me a Free Art Pack!

You can also download the free instructions - My Miniature Art Gallery PDF   

My Miniature Art Gallery packs are now being used by Safety Net Brighton and the Arc Centre in Stockport. If you are a charity or organisation supporting health and wellbeing, you can purchase multiple packs for £2.50 each. Please contact me here.  

Instagram #MyMiniatureArtGallery @annemari4500
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